About us

Our Story starts in 1972, my parents learned to make Navajo Style Jewelry while working full-time and taking night classes. After a year of instruction they took to it and started their small side business. This side venture was a God send and helped my parents buy their first home and for them to become financially stable. Growing up I learned how to make jewelry and be a sales person. My brother and I finished school and joined the family business. We travel to trade shows and conventions and my mother, who is now 82, still travels and sells at the Four Corners Monument on the Navajo Reservation. I make some of the jewelry but mostly travel to the shows and conventions all over the country. This is our 47th year in the Native American Jewelry business. We now have 24 other artisans that we collaborate with to have a variety of different styles of jewelry and crafts like Navajo, Zuni, and Santo Domingo Pueblo Style. Some are well renowned to some that are beginners. Our jewelry is handcrafted from start to finish and made with natural stones and shells set in Sterling Silver, Copper, and a few on aluminum. Thank you for learning about us and supporting our artisans and enjoying our beautiful jewelry.